Pedro Limao is the artistic name that connects Pedro to food or, if you want, the cook’s gastronomic alter ego.
Limao, lemmon in English, means acidity, freshness, color and versatility… and this is the least subjective way to define his food.

The project’s birth with Pedro Limao’s brand reports to 2012, Porto, in a cozy little spot with 10 seats, open kitchen and an extremely close relation with customers, between a food experience and a performance that includes everybody.
Growing the service since then, and not always in Porto, the restaurant keeps this same familiar concept, like now, in this “almost opening” restaurant in Unternehmen Mitte, Basel, where the idea is to have a set up Menu with 6 moments and some unexpected ones, like a journey...

In 2006 Pedro was improving his cooking skills in Bellart Scholl, Barcelona, and for that reason there is a certain “New Mediterranean Look” in his food and also in the creative way he approaches the idea of a meal, often seen as an experience or a game, connecting and disconnecting ingredients, flavours, aromas, textures and feelings.

The products are local based, Bio, fresh and diverse, which leads this kitchen to a simple but sophisticated food.


Pedro Limao
UM Contemporary Restaurant
Gerbergasse 30
4001 Basel